Co-Host: Tiffany Nycole

building better business foundations mini-summit

For Service Providers Wanting to Create More Clients and Time

Co-Host: Miranda Flores

building better business foundations mini-summit

For Service Providers Wanting to Create More Clients and Time

Co-Host: Miranda Flores

Co-Host: Tiffany Nycole

presenter bios

audrey ostoyic

Since 1999 Audrey has been helping companies, corporations, small business owners, coaches, and service-based businesses reach the first page of Google for their targeted keywords. With explosive site traffic, more leads to their site, and more visitors converting to paying clients/customers, she has been instrumental in helping her clients reach their ultimate goal of growing their business and increasing their revenue.

Audrey’s never met a challenge too hard to take on!

While homeschooling her 3 kids, she graduated Valedictorian of her class with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing.

Her passion for utilizing SEO to help small businesses grow rivals only her love for her family

jessica ash

Wife, Mom, Outsourcer Extraordinaire, Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant and Virtual Paralegal. I have a very deep passion and love for social and humanitarian issues, law, politics, health and fitness, animals and parenting.

After receiving my AA in general studies, AAS in Paralegal Technology, BAAS in Applied Administration and spending 8+ years in the service industry I decided to start my own business assisting small business owners, nonprofits, influencers, attorneys and even politicians to advance their businesses and causes by handling some of the behind the scenes work that is tedious for them and help them optimize their social media so that they can spend more time doing the work they love.

Now I help busy entrepreneurs and businesses outsource their admin work so they can work less and make more!

kelley mcnicoll

A Business Coach & Consultant, her genius zones are branding, marketing and scaling.She helps business entrepreneurs define their unique market to grow the business of their dreams by supporting and guiding them to connect with the why, clarify their foundations and process so they attract more and better clients now and scale to 6 figures and beyond.

She knows how to develop strong brands, unique and innovative marketing strategies, and tailored scaling packages. Kelley is a true business visionary with a unique gift of putting a twist on the traditional. Transforming the ordinary to stand out and apart, to create unique brands that influence and set new ways and trends in any industry, and expands the market. 

Kelley understands that branding is the core and foundation of your business which informs everything else. It brings everything into focus.

Kelley is a coach and consultant who is truly passionate about her role to guide and be a catalyst for her clients to create a company, not just a job for themselves and to be empowered to not simply dream big, but to succeed big.

Kelley resides in picturesque Chester, Nova Scotia with her 3 beautiful children, 2 dogs and a fish named Alfie.

Website Currently Under Construction!

miranda flores

Systems and Automation started out as a passion project for my own graphic design business and it turned into something I wanted to use to help others. Running my design business I quickly realized how important systems and automations are to run a successful service provider business. I was set free by systems and I wanted to do the same for you. The right strategy and the right systems make all the difference.

Whether you’re helping your clients get free from their own mindsets, using your creativity as a service for others, or teaching people new skills, I want to help you build your business on your terms. Often business owners know exactly what they need to do but they may not have time, expertise or just plain old avoid getting around to it.

I’m a surfer, snowboarder, traveler, and spanish speaking artist. I don’t drink coffee and I’m not into cats. I have a pretty good sense of humor and I’m a risk-taker. I’ve moved across the world to New Zealand without a plan, visited islands in the Philippines where beheadings happened and lived in the ghetto. For now I call Canada home and I’m passionate about fighting human trafficking using my wealth towards organizations doing a good job at this.

tiffany nycole

I’m passionate about helping you grow your business with a professionally designed website that reflects your brand and unique personality. I help entrepreneurs and businesses go from website shame to website fame and I can do it in a week or less!

Three things I strongly believe concerning website design:

  1. It shouldn’t take weeks or months to get a professionally designed website – you have clients to enroll and money to make afterall.
  2. Your website shouldn’t sit there gathering dust – I only design strategic websites with a clear path for visitors to learn about you and easily know why (and how!) to hire you or buy from you. (What I call BOOK OR BUY!)
  3. Having a professionally designed website created shouldn’t be a hassle – I have a time-tested straight forward process that won’t have you pulling your hair out and wondering if it’s all worth it.

I’m an independant mom living in Texas with my wonderful teenage boys, Ronan and Garrick, who always keep me laughing… and on my toes. When I’m not working on a client’s business or a project of my own, you can find me spending time with my family, enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning, traveling, volunteering for a local animal rescue organization, reading a mystery thriller novel or enjoying a good Netflix binge (don’t judge).

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