Co-Host: Tiffany Nycole

building better business foundations mini-summit

For Service Providers Wanting to Create More Clients and Time

Co-Host: Miranda Flores

building better business foundations mini-summit

For Service Providers Wanting to Create More Clients and Time

Co-Host: Miranda Flores

Co-Host: Tiffany Nycole

april 25th - 29th

Do you struggle to balance the demands of running your business and the day-to-day tasks?

The business world is tough, and it's even more challenging for service providers to make a living and run a business that doesn’t take over their life. Focusing on delivering top quality services to your clients is your number one priority but, especially as a sole proprietor, is exhausting as you also wear all of the hats so to speak: admin, marketing, sales, etc!

Having a business that does the heavy lifting for you...

so that you can focus on your service without the burnout or overwhelm is one of the deepest desires for successful entrepreneurs. You'll never be able to build a successful business such as this unless you have the proper foundations in place and running smoothly.

Maybe you're just starting as a service provider? Or you're already established in your business but finding it hard (and exhausting!) to keep up?

Either way, this mini-summit will help you establish the right foundations to build a better business. You’ll be learning from 5 experts that will give you no-fluff information and training to set you up for success so you can focus on your expertise while the rest takes care of itself!

sound to good to be true?

We are straight shooters and run our businesses with honesty and integrity. There is nothing that is being taught that, either we (Tiffany & Miranda your Summit Co-hosts), or any of the other fabulous experts are not using as our own foundational business pieces.

meet the summit expert lineup

miranda flores

systems & automation

tiffany nycole


audrey ostoyic


jessica ash


kelley mcnicoll

Biz Coach & Consultant

schedule and topics

Kelley McNicoll

Monday April 25

Need more clients? Social media & marketing strategies falling flat? Need lead generation? How your messaging may be working against you.

Tiffany Nycole

Tuesday April 26

Learn about professional websites that are strategic, reflect your unique personality/brand, stand out from your competition and persuade visitors to book or buy.

Miranda Flores

Wednesday April 27

Swamped by admin tasks? This is not where a CEO should be spending their time. Learn automated solutions that give you the time to get back to doing what you love.

Jessica Ash

Thursday April 28

The what, who and how-to’s for outsourcing and finding your rockstar VA, SMM or OBM to do the tasks that simply can’t be automated and need the human touch.

Audrey Ostoyic

Friday April 29

SEO: the powerful but invisible secret weapon to attract your ideal clients on autopilot. Learn easy but powerful tricks of the trade to amp up your SEO now.

BONUS DAY! Follow Up Q & A All Day

saturday April 30

Come into the summit group and hang out with us and ask any of our fabulous experts follow up questions that you may have!

5 days of guidance from experts in their field

Learn from successful entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. No fake experts or theory here - this is knowledge from the trenches and experience from years of hard work and success. Build a better business with the 5 foundational pieces taught in this summit!

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